Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-552-0118
Last updated: June 19, 2017
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Programming Python, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Git
Graphics and Media Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator
Web Development Django, Django REST Framework, MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite (including C API)
Servers/Deployment Gunicorn, Nginx, Lighttpd, Virtualenv, Apache, Samba
Zen Relay, LLC, Seattle, WA
Game Developer/Owner
  • Designed, developed, and shipped Geoid, a 3d platformer game on Steam
  • Managed the full game development process, including design docs, prototyping, implementation, testing, polish, and release
  • Built using Unreal Engine 4 with game logic in C++, art assets created in Blender and Photoshop
  • Streamlined modeling workflow by writing custom Blender add-ons in Python
  • Wrote and deployed metrics server using Django REST framework to collect data and feedback from playtesters
Tricky Fast Studios, Leominster, MA
Game Developer (Contractor)
  • Developed mobile games with Unity3D
  • Integrated 3rd party C# asynchronous libraries into an existing framework and codebase
  • Worked with producers, artists, and lead server architect to integrate features
Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Web Developer
  • Developed Django-based student government website for the entire student body that included a CMS, blog, and commenting system
  • Built a system for management of all student clubs
  • Designed and implemented a voting system for student government elections
Sabre Systems, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
Web Developer
  • Developed Django-based "social network" web application for managing relationships between companies and employees in those companies
  • Built integrated event management system with email-based invitation system
  • Designed administrative backend for managing complex interdependent data
  • Worked with client to develop specification document for frontend and backend
University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Studio Art Minor, specializing in interactive wood sculptures using Arduinos

Hoshiko (Screenshot)
Computer Science Capstone Project
  • A game using Unreal Engine 4 that taught basic programming concepts in a visual way by having the player enter code into in-game computer terminals
  • Each in-game computer terminal had an embedded Python subinterpreter thread with APIs for controlling game mechanics (for example, typing door.open() would open a door connected to that terminal)
  • The in-game code editing UI was powered by Chromium Embedded Framework along with the Ace code editor
Treblr (Screenshot)
  • Unconventional guitar-oriented sheet music composer and viewer
  • Written in Python using the CherryPy web server library
  • Rendered musical notes as vector graphics using SVG
  • Server-side audio generation via MIDI to preview compositions